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Terrapotta  | POT no. 5

Terrapotta | POT no. 5



A beautiful greyish brown terracotta pot finished with peachy pink, baby blue, teal, forest green and golden bees! A hand painted, unique pot, no others will be made like this!


Each pot is created in a small collection with limited colour palette enhanced with golden highlights with bees and bold floral shapes! A great plant pot that allows you to keep track of turning your houseplants, each pot is different all the way around, never get bored of your pot and keep track with a visual indicator to remind you to turn your pots!


All pots are hand painted with hard wairing paint and sealed or prolong their lifespan. These pots will be long lasting with good care, wipe with a damp cloth occasionally to keep them looking just perfect.






diameter - 23.5cm height 21cm


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