Ello ello ello, I'm Alice, I work as a freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer from my Studio in Glasgow. 

I graduated from 
Gray's School of Art in 2016 and have been enjoying the process of making bold and bright work in my artistic practice ever since. I work alongside businesses and projects on a wide range of outputs from rebranding a business to creating one-off effective advertising for events and specially commissioned artwork in print and online. love working with small businesses with a big message, anything that brings together a community, betters the environment or sparks any kind of important conversation. A particular subject of interest for me is mental health awareness; exploring ideas, quotes and philosophies that can help us better understand and cope with our inner workings and drawing from this to use in my work.

Much of what i draw is straight from the imagination/memories of how things are, I find this process of drawing a lot more freeing and often gives an interesting way of viewing something familiar. 

I would love to hear from you if you have an idea we could work on together. 

- A
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