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Hello Lovely Human

Thanks a million for being here!  It's been a dream of mine to make a living from what I love to do, so I am very excited to offer a full range of prints, gift cards, stickers and postcards with the collection always growing and changing. 

I create cute and colourful sustainable gifts and art that are accessible to everyone. My collection focuses on mental health and well-being, using nature as a source of healing. Each piece has been thoughtfully designed with love and care, aiming to bring joy and a sense of calm. My collection is perfect for those looking for meaningful gifts, eco-friendly home décor and statement art pieces.



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Alice's Illustrations, Glasgow Artist, Glasgow Prints and gifts


Let's Spread Joy together


To make the process as easy and convenient as possible, I have set up a full catalogue and order system. You can access the catalogue and individual product pages at any time, and orders can be placed via the website. Please get in touch with me to receive access to the wholesale area.


I am also willing to work on a Sale or Return basis with the right places.

* No minimum order

* No delivery fees

* Payment requested within 30 days of delivery

* Order delivered within 2 weeks

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Let's have a look!

Simply send me an email to request the Catalogue which can be downloaded or viewed online. The catalogue includes all pricing and information and to access the online order form which is password protected.


Your discretion is appreciated when trusting with this information. 

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