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I was part of the small team that runs this wonderful gallery in Edinburgh, part of my role was to design advertising and  create social media content. 


I have also redesigned the logo and branding to reflect the playful and colourful collections of emerging and local artists work featured in the Gallery and Shop.


When designing a logo I tend to create a couple of options for use in differing applications. Usually with a mail logo and a simplified version which might sit better in documents and small print formats, always keeping the two recognisably from the same family. 


I thought it integral to include the name in the text, in order to spread the visibility of the brand on every possible platform. Additionally, the double square visually suggests layers of paper or a double exposure expressing the brands function as an art shop and gallery.

FSRX colourways_edited.png

For the redesign I wanted to use the established branding and build on it, the shop features rich dark blue walls and lavender purple accents.

I decided to include a nostalgic mix of warm pink, yellow and teal to complete the main colour palette for the Flamingosaurus Rex branding.  

To aid readability and grasp of the name from a glance, I chose to break up the lettering to it's three main parts.  Using elements that make up some of the preexisting branding, this justified text can be fitted into the corner of any promotional images. 

Colour Palette

Simplified Logo 

Main Logo


This is one of those round peg square hole situations: Social media can be a funny place for circles in squares and vice-versa so why not have a circle version too! 

Social Media Version

Alice's Illustrations - FSRX
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