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Horizon to Horizon A4 Print

Horizon to Horizon A4 Print


"The moonlight floods the whole sky from horizon to horizon, how much of it fills your room depends on its windows" - Rumi


This print is part of a series of 8 designs created during lockdown 2021. These digital works have been inspired by nature and its mystical ways and the things we can learn by understanding our surroundings. These illustrations are paired with thoughts, quotes and philosophies that have helped me personally and I hope that sharing will give others some joy and positivity.


A4 digital print, printed in Glasgow, carefully packaged with a biodegradable clear bag and recycled greyboard to keep your print in perfect nick! 


please note all prints are printed on request and so may take a little longer - please get in touch if you need them in a hurry!


Jalaluddin Rumi better known simply as Rumi, was born in 1207, in present day Afghanistan. He was perhaps the most renouned Persian poet of all time and a great influence on Muslim writing and culture. Rumi studied with other islamic philisophy in traditional schools of irfan, philosophy and theosophy throughout the Muslim world. His main points and emphasis is the unity of being, 

developing the spirituality, or more precisely the inner character.


 this design is also availabe as an a6 postcard

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