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Trees - Hand Drawn Illustrations

With the mass devastation of so many of our treasured jungles and green spaces in recent history, it is important to remember the fundamentality of these leafy spaces to our survival and that of all living species. To help out just a little in this messy old world, 10% of the proceeds from these little guys will be donated to Trees for Life UK who are a charity focused on RE-WILDING the Scottish Highlands and they have nearly planted 2 million trees already! 


Closer to Home​

Late last year the decision to cut down 50 trees from Princes Street Gardens prompted me to draw these trees. The Council and Scottish National Galleries claimed that cutting the trees down was to allow better disabled access for the public, despite the trees being on a steep incline. While there may be truth to there being plans for improving disability access in the long run, a hidden and more immediate motivation behind the culling of these treasured trees was revealed in the timing of the decision. which was taken immediately before the christmas markets, which last year had an additional mezzanine overhanging the space where the trees used to be.


Capitalising on the already intrusive and lavish market that takes over the gardens for all of December. The organisers of the market refuse to reveal their huge profits, showing once again the profit is given more weight than the will of the people, who petitioned against the decision. The council have planted 22 saplings to replace these trees but it clearly doesn’t offset the damage done.


Things like this happen all the time, all over the world.

We need to call out these decisions, speak up + say we won’t have it any more! 


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